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Sayian Transformations

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Here are the Sayians transformations....


This is a Sayians normal state, there hair is  black exept Trunks who has purple hair 


Ouzaru is the form were a Sayian transforms into a ape after looking at the moon only Sayians who have their monkey tails can change into this form the Sayians to do this are; Goku (Dragon Ball), Gohan (Dragon Ball Z), Vegita (Dragon Ball Z)


This is a Super Sayian, in this form the hair stands up and turns blonde (so do thier eyebrows) and their eyes turn green


This is an Ultimate Super Sayian or assended Super Sayian, this form sees the Sayian with bulky muscles


This is a Super Sayian 2 in this form the hair stands up more usaly with one strand hanging down, some times jolts of electric shoot around the Sayians body the sayians to acive this form are; Goku, Gohan, Vegita and Future Trunks


Super Sayian 3 i was the last transformation in DBZ it see the Sayian with very long hair  and no eyebrows the only Sayian to change into this form is Goku


Golden Ozaru or Super Ozaru, Goku transformed into this when he had his monkey tail growen back and saw the earth in his battle with Baby


This is the most powerful (and last) transformation a Super Sayian 4 has black hair his monkey tail and a  monkey chest the only Sayians to transform into this are Goku and Vegita and thier fused selfs Gogeta

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