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Dragon Ball/Z/GT Key Moments

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Here's Some Key Moments from the 3 series !!!

Dragon Ball:
Secret Of The Dragon Balls: When a Bulma meets Goku, it sets the stage for the first ever Dragon Ball Hunt
The Nimbus Cloud Of Roshi: This episode Debut's the famous Nimbus and Master Roshi  
oolong the terible: Oolong's first apprence
Yamcha The Desert Bandit: The Debut Of Yamcha
The Ox-King Of Fire Mountin: debuts the Ox-King and Chi Chi
The Kamahamaha Wave: The first episode with the famous Kamahamaha attack
A Wish To The Etenal Dragon: The first episode to see Shenron
The Legend Of Goku: This Episode Show Goku's Ozaru form
Goku's Rival: Debuts Krillen
The Tornement Begins: The First Tornement Goku Competes In Debuts
Who Is The Fortune Teller Baba: Baba's Debut
Then There Were Eight: Tien's Debut (?)
Enter King Piccolo: King Piccolo's Debut
Final Showdown: Goku Defets King Piccolo
Lost and Found: Goku (Now Older) heads to the next Martial Arts Tornement this episode also debuts Piccolo.Jr
Super Kamahamah: Goku puts a spin on his famous move
Anonymas Proposal: Goku takes on Chi Chi in the Tornement and after the battle he ends up gettin married to Chi Chi
The Victor: The Final Round beetween Goku and Piccolo (Goku Wins Of Corse)
The End, The Begging: The Final Episode Of Dragon Ball

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Dragon Ball Z:
The New Threat: Goku Meets his brother Raditz who revels the truth that Goku is not a Human but a Sayian Worrior from Planet Vegita and his true name is Kakorot, this episode Debuts Goku's son Gohan
Unlikely Allance: Goku and Piccolo team up to defeat Raditz
Gohan's Rage: Gohan Shows his true Power
No Time Like The Present: after Raditz is defeted by Goku's sacrifice, Piccolo akes Gohan to the woods to train for the arrival of 2 more Sayians while Goku is on his way to see King Kai in other world
To Be Continued....

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