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How they became SS

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here i'll tell you what i know about the sayians the first time they went Super Sayian or higher

Super Sayian: Rage caused by Freezer killing Krillen
Ultimate Super Sayian: Trainning in HBTC
Super Sayian 2: Tranning in HBTC
Super Sayian 3:pushes himself past SS2 when stalling Majin Buu so Trunks could get the Dragon Radar
Super Sayian 4: after haveing his tail grown back and turning into a golden Ozuru

Super Sayian: Trainning in the HBTC
Super Sayian 2: Rage after Cell kills 16 and sends Cell.Jr's to attack his friends

Super Sayian: while tranning on a planet in an astroid field Vegeta relises he will never be as strong as Goku, and the thought of this make him angery enough to turn Super Sayian
Ultimate Super Sayian: Training in the HBTC
Super Sayian 2: Training ?
Super Sayian 4: After Babby is destroyed Bulma lerns to use the Blex waves which turned Babby into a golden ozaru on Vegeta to stimulate his body so he could reach the level of Super Sayian 4

Super Sayian: Tranning with Chi Chi

Super Sayian 2: as soon as Goku and Vegita fuse correctoly they are SS2
Super Sayian 4: Goku and Vegita fuse at Super Sayian 4's

Trunks (Future)
Super Sayian: when Gohan is killed by the androids in his time, his rage transforms him into a Super Sayian  (in his time)
Ultimate Super Sayian: Trainning in the HBTC (in the present day)
Super Sayian 2: Trainning in the HBTC ? (in present day)

Trunks (Present)
Super Sayian: Tranning with Vegita

Super Sayian: Goten and Trunks fuse at Super Sayian
Super Sayian 3: ?

Super Sayian:transformed into a Super Sayian after Vegita and Goku fused

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