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Future Trunks

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Heres a section dedicated to Future Trunks


Trunks comes back to the past to warn Goku about the things to come because in his time everyone has been killed by andriods 17 and 18 excpet and Goku died 3 years before by a heart disease,  and Bulma is still alive, for a while Gohan and Trunks are the only defence agaisnt the androids but when Gohan is killed by them it sends Trunks into a rage which turns him into a Super Sayian!!!


Gohan from the future and Trunks together


Future Gohan at Super Sayian !


Trunks trying to turn Super Sayian



Trunks turning Super Sayian for the first time after seeing the Androides have killed Gohan!!!


Trunks at Super Sayian


Trunks after going back to the past and trinning in the HBTC with long hair


Trunks with long hair at Super Sayian

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