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Dragon Ball Z:Movie Names

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Dragon Ball Z Movie Names

Some DBZ Movies have diffrent names in america and england heres a little guide to what they are!....
Dead Zone                       Return My Gohan   
The World's Strongest        The World's Strongest Man
The Tree Of Might             Ultimate Decisive Battle For Earth
Lord Slug                        Super Sayia Son Goku
Cooler's Revenge              The Best Of Strongest Vs.Strongest
Return Of Cooler               Fight! 10 Billion Power Warriors  
Super Android 13              Super Battle Of 3 Super Sayians
Broly:The Legendry           Burnout, Firce Fight !
Super Sayian         
Bojack Unbound          The Galaxys in danger;The super awsome guy
Broly:Second Comeing   Dangerous partners; super warriors never
Bio-Broly                    Crushing Super Warrior!, i am the winner
                              The Rebirt Of Fusion; Goku & Vegeta
                              Dragon Fist Explosion; If Goku can't do it no one
The History Of Trunks
Bardock: Father Of Goku

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